All our vehicles are regularly maintained, cleaned and valeted and have air conditioning/climate control. Some vehicles are fitted with heated seats, which are a real luxury on a cold day. Please feel free to ask if you would like these switched on.

As fleet managers, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We ensure our vehicles are as eco friendly as possible.


  • We have a selection of hatchback, saloon and estate cars.

    These can carry up to four passengers and are often requested by our more elderly clients as they are very easy to get in and out of.

    The estates also offer the best boot space, while still retaining the comfort and practicality of a standard hatchback or saloon.


  • Our six seater vehicles are ideal for the larger families and groups going out for the day or evening. They carry up to six passengers, all forward facing.

    These vehicles are slightly higher than a saloon car and are ideal for people with either walking difficulties or painful back conditions. It is very easy to simply lean back and rest on the seat which is the perfect height then to swing your legs around to the front.

  • Our wedding cars can be decorated with ribbons in the colours of your choice and as you can see from the photographs if you have a theme for your wedding such as the butterflies we will do our best to source some decoration or you can provide it yourself.  You can also provide a CD of your choice for the drive or an I Pod can be used.

    Every wedding is different and if you give us a call we will take all your details and work out a very special price for your very special day.